The Nascent Group

At the Nascent Group, we act as an extension of our client’s businesses. Our 9 step approach allows us to comprehensively address all areas of business development.

*Establish A Profile
*Conduct Research
*Client Basics

1. Establish A Profile

First we gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s unique history, the scope of your work, your needs,your values, your goals and your expectations. We craft a unique offering that speaks to the aspirations your firm has, and we use our years of experience in business development to help you to expand your vision and identify new opportunities for potential growth.

2. Conduct Research

Next we conduct intensive research in order to keep our finger on the pulse of your specific industry. We strive to understand not only your business, but your clients and your community, while gathering the data needed to position you for success.

3. Client Basics

At this stage, we help you to refine and craft your brand’s Mission and Value statements.
Our team will map out your business’s trajectory and help to create a strategic timeline
for your company’s advancement, while setting the foundation for targeted marketing
and branding

*Present Key Deliverables
*Secure Funding
*Expand Your Network

4. Present Key Deliverables

During this stage, we work with you to create a variety of high-value strategic documents such as Intro Docs, Business Plans, Press Kits, and Pitch Deck (s). These documents play a pivotal role in approaching lenders, and securing funding. We work as a team to produce modern, aesthetically appealing, highly informative documents that relay data with style.

5. Secure Funding

We work with you to create a multifaceted funding strategy, identifying grants opportunities, and providing high-level grant writing services that allow us to create applications that align with your company’s unique initiatives. During this stage, we also create everything from Pro Forma to Credit Memorandums, ensuring that you are fully prepared to present your project to lenders, and maximizing your potential for favorable results.

6. Expand Your Network

During the entire process, we continuously work to expand your network, by identifying members in the community who can support you in realizing your company’s vision. Whether we’re connecting you to architects, general contractors or environmental strategists, we will refer you to our expansive network of experienced associates to ensure your company has all the tools it needs for success.

*Launch Your Project
*Maximizing DEI’s and ESG’s
*Growth Monitoring

7. Launch Your Project

We will help you launch your project, whether that means the creation of an entirely new concept, or the transformation of an existing one. When you’re funded, connected and ready to launch, we’re here to support you in everything from pre-launch marketing to opening-event planning and staff hiring, providing a strong foundation so that you can hit the ground running, and preparing you to face any challenges that may arise with a powerful toolbox of resources.

8. Maximizing DEI’s and ESG’s

As a multicultural, women led firm, we understand from direct experience the importance of maximizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, while simultaneously seeking conscious ways to maximize profitability. Our experience has shown us that positive social impact and profitability can in fact go hand in hand. Additionally, we support our clients in finding innovative ways to maximize Environmental and Social Corporate Governance initiatives, helping you to craft projects that are supportive and sustainable for both People and Planet.

9. Growth Monitoring

Whether you’re opening a restaurant, designing a hotel, or creating a cutting edge mixed use development, the Nascent Group knows that launching a project is just the beginning–we’re there to support you through the progression and unfolding of your project. We monitor and guide the growth of your project to maximize profitability, minimize costs, and expand reach through innovation.